Greenleaf olive oil eventI attended an intimate media “Greenleaf Olive oil” inspired lunch prepared by Chef Philip Botes at Pure Restaurant, Hout Bay Manor recently. Kelly White (marketing manager and olive oil blender),  talked us through an olive oil tasting with 3 of their single cultivars that are blended into this family run farm’s olive oils.  We were all blown away with the creativity and passion Chef Philip put into this menu.  There are no words to describe how well thought out it was, he created so many elements incorporating Greenleaf  Olive Oil, Saint Sebastian Bay Olive Oil and Balsamic, as well as single olive oil cultivars into his dishes. Just have a look...

11390172_1116684251681994_2022589385248006166_n11295656_1116684111682008_5311860851063222617_nGreenleaf olive oil and Pureolive oil martini“Greenleaf Olive Martini”
Orange segment
Grapefruit and orange zest for garnish
Basil leaves
Stock Syrup
Greenleaf’s single cultivar Arbquina olive oil

Greenleaf olive oil lunch“Bread and Butter”
Olive Bread- Black olive paste mixed through dough, marble effect
Banana Bread- Flavour with dried skin essence
Olive butter: #SaintSebastianBay
Olive sponge
Balsamic gel
Pancetta roses
Homemade cheese: Full cream and low fat Greek yoghurt
Buffalo mozzarella in #Greenleaf olive oil confit
Fresh lime, Pea shoots, Mange tout, Green beans, Peas with Mint, Truffle essence and Greenleaf’s single cultivar Barnea oil- Truffle oil mix
Micro leaves

Pure Hout bay manor Green leaf olive oil“Taste of Tuscany”
Tuna Tartare: Yellowfin tuna, red onion, fine shallot, lemon zest and juice, parsley and Greenleaf’s single varietal Coratina olive oil
Grilled Octopus – lightly poached in fish broth for 45min and then confit for 24 hours in Greenleaf’s single varietal Coratina olive oil
Caper berries
Sundried tomatoes with #SaintSebastianBay olive oil, thyme and garlic
Tomato petal: brushed with #SaintSebastianBay olive oil and dehydrated to resemble glass
Toasted pine nuts
Grilled Halibut pan-seared in Greenleaf’s Koroneiki single cultivar olive oil
Micro leaves
Basil leaves deep fried in #Greenleaf olive oil
Basil & Greenleaf oil
Lemon pepper pearls and trout

walk about beef Chef Philip
“Walk-a-bout Beef”
Kobe Beef: Basted with Greenleaf’s single cultivar Picual olive oil and seared
Crumbed quail egg yolk, deep-fried in olive oil
48 hour confit oxtail (done in olive oil)
Potato chip fried in Greenleaf olive oil
Quail breast
Truffle pearls
Litchi Aioli made from Hollandaise emulsified with#Greenleaf olive oil
Duck liver gel with Saint Sebastian Bay olive oil in place of butter

Chef Philip Greenleaf olive oil“Potpourri Noodle, Tang Sorbet”
Olive oil, hibiscus & almond “noodles”
Golden rose pearls

Chef Philip Greenleaf olive oil“Olive Glass”
Almond praline and phyllo, brushed with olive oil
Olive oil fennel jelly
Lemon parfait with a hint of Tonka bean and olive
Olive oil ice cream made with Greenleaf’s Koroneiki single cultivar olive oil
Olive oil cake
Fennel and olive crunch
Olive oil glass with olive oil inside
Fresh fennel sprigs
Fennel bulb confit in olive oil

chef Philip Greenleaf olive oil“Friandaise” 
Chocolate ganache with olive oil truffle
Raspberry & red pepper jelly
Orange segments
Olive oil dust snow
Salt flakes

See what I mean? Amazing right?
As for The Greenleaf Olive Oil Company, thanks for an outstanding lunch, what a superb idea! Big thumbs up!