AMC Cookware repolish make-over

Mom in Law’s AMC Pots


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My very own mother-in-law happens to own a set of AMC Pots. She, like many others, including myself, swear by this cookware. Over a cup of tea she told me that my father-in-law bought a set as a gift for her when my darling precious husband was born in 1981! 34 years ago. Wow! She recalls the set costing a hefty R580 at the time. I couldn’t help but notice how well Louna (my MIL) looks after her cookware. After 34 years these pots only encountered 1 chipped handle from dropping, a scorched base from boiling water [and forgetting about it] and a broken knob. Not to shab, I’d say,  but over the MANY years they have lost their magnificent shine somewhat. Surely this is a testimony on it’s own that these pots really do last a lifetime.

I had one of my regular meetings with AMC a couple of weeks ago and they informed me of the repolishing services they offer and that AMC was about to run a competition where 3 lucky AMC Cookware owners could win a cookware make-over (repolish) – I believe there are 2 days left to enter.
I heard such great things that I handed mam’s (we call her that) pots in for a make-over. And boy oh boy, do they look brand new! To a point where, Louna said they look so beautiful, that she doesn’t want to cook with them and get them all dirty. LOL.

AMC replaced all the black handles and knobs too just by the way. The pots were carefully boxed up and delivered back to their rightful home. Did you know that if you somehow damage your pot beyond repair, AMC can replace it for a new one at 50% of the retail price? And also at 50% of retail price, AMC can replace old black knobs with new colourful visiotherm ones! Read all about the service and the costs involved here. So if you own AMC Cookware and they are needing a little TLC, contact or drop them off at your nearest AMC sales centre.

amc cookwareJust look how gorgeous mam’s pots look now!

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