J and I recently took advantage of La Colombe’s midweek winter lunch special and what a treat it was. My goodness. I’ve heard only great things, however the menu and whole experience seriously surpassed my expectations.
The silvermist venue is gorgeous, and together with the superb service and incredible food from beginning to end, we cannot wait to visit them again for their midweek Spring lunch special.
While I’ll share pics of the menu we enjoyed, I won’t go into too much detail, because you truly have to experience it yourself.

Just a little something to awaken the palate on arrival.

Chermoula | Dukkah | Sour Dough
Looks so simple but my gaaawd, the layers of magical flavours and textures in this dipping plate is something dreams are made of. You simply need to break your freshly baked sourdough roll and mop up all the deliciousness.

Prawn | Salmon | Curry | Mustard | Cucumber | Quail Egg | Sweet Potato
With a quirky little surprise 😉

Tuna La Colombe.
I can’t tell you what went into this but all I can say is that it should NEVER go off the menu, I mean, NEVER. I think about this tin of umami perfection everyday.

Miso Seared Scallop | Pork | Corn | Courgette
With a flavoursome broth to tie it all together.

Springbok Tataki | Chipotle | Miso Orange | Cucumber | Chestnut | Foie Gras
This dish boggled our minds. Man oh man, was it delicious.

Then we had the option of adding the “Enchanted Forest” dish or rather, food installation, to our meal. As FOMO would allow, we went behind this beautiful velvet green door. What’s behind, it I can’t tell you but expect an experience that will play with all your senses. Enchanting it is. Big ups to conceptual food artist, Caro de Waal, for curating this installation for La Colombe.

Beef Fillet | Smoked Garlic | Pickled Red Onion | Peas | Broccoli
There are about 4 different beef elements here. This dish. No words, other than perfection.

Klein Rivier Gruyere | Karoo Bossie | Quince | Caramel | Rooibos
I absolutely love savoury desserts, so this really hit the spot for me. YUM!

Rose | Strawberry | White Chocolate | Geranium
A delightful balance of flavours that is not too sweet.

The Taste Test
We are quizzed on how well we can distinguish what is bitter, salty, sweet, sour and umami.
What a fun way to end off a meal.

Side note, the wine list is extraordinary too. It offers a wide range of wines to suit your personal preference, occasion and budget.

All I can say from the bottom of my heart is that I’m seriously crushing on La Colombe, in a big way.

Keep up the good work dream team!