Johann and I were fortunate enough to have some R&R and see family and friends back home in Cape Town for 6 whole weeks.  After saying a social distanced hello to family, we went to Robertson to break away for a week. Drinking all the wine in the valley and eating food we have missed so much was our top priority. We tried our very best. The valley and our fomo Cyber Cellar order defeated us. It was worth the 7 day hangover, especially since we live in the Middle East.

Orange Grove Farm
We stayed at picturesque and tranquil Orange Grove Farm. This place was just what we needed to unwind. I love the rustic farmhouse feel and the daily breakfast baskets are something to behold. It truly felt like our own personal retreat. Conveniently located in Robertson, with great wine farms and our favourite farm stall, Affie Plaas, just a few minutes away.

Cheese and wine
Miss Lucy

Our fave things to do in Robertson:
Graham Beck for bubbly tasting and stock up.
A visit to Affie Plaas for South African essentials (Pies, Milktart, Biltong, Biscuits & Rusks, Dried Fruit, Skaap Stertjies etc.).
Springfield Wine Estate Wine tasting and stock up.
Esona Boutique Wine.
Pick out some picnic goodies and wine at Viljoensdrift and enjoy a river cruise.

Thankfully we arrived early December before alcohol restrictions were enforced (yet again). I hope the wine farms and restaurants can trade freely again, as wine is the lifeblood of Roberston and the Western Cape in general.

I’ll be sharing more posts about about our Cape Town holiday soon.

Carey x