London holds a very special place in my heart after having lived there a couple of years a while back. This place helped restore a broken heart and rebuild my life of independence, it opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and living, I gained valuable experience and met so many amazing people that are still good friends and mentors to this day. So when hub and I decided to go to London for the first stop of our euro trip, I was overjoyed! We only had three days, but we really made the most of it.

Besides doing the MAIN touristy stuff(because I never actually did it while living there!?), we pretty much ate all day…

…and all night! Happiness.

We could not wait to tuck into good old Pub food. Some of the places were dives and others quite trendy, we did it all.

Roast dinners served all day! What’s not to love?

Enjoyed this at The Swan in Hammersmith.

A full on English brekkie – the perfect cure for a hangover!

We tried The Blackbird Ale and Pie house in Earls court

Delish homemade pies and other british bests

Classic bangers and mash with fried leeks and lots of cider gravy – YUMMMM!

A flaky Steak and ale pie and mash

We ate this at a popular Pub in Covent garden.

Roast dinner: Carb load of note – roast potatoes, mash and yorkshire pud with roast beef, gravy and mom-style veg

Fish ‘n chips – crispy fried haddock, it melted in my mouth! Had this at a Pub in Camden(my favourite place to be).

Steak ‘n Co near  Leicester square

Succulent British beef: medium rare steak with bearnaise sauce and a watercress salad on the side

And thick cut fried chips – of course

Naturally, we craved other foods too…

When you feel like a good pizza, I mean a really, really good pizza in London, Alforno’s in Wimbledon is a must. Be warned, a medium pizza can easily feed 2- 4 peeps, a large, 6 and a small is perfect for 2.  Fresh ingredients. Authentic. Good coffee and even better desserts.

And for chinese, you are spoilt for choice. Chinatown in Soho is packed with chinese buffet or dim sum spots. Love it. You just see crispy duck hanging everywhere in their front window displays. Drool. Couldn’t get a pic, got too distracted.

So there you have it, Pub grub and other favourites from around the world all found in bustling London Town!

Me and Robert Pattison having a moment, much to hubby’s disapproval – hahahahaha!

Madame Tassaud’s made my day!