J and I love eating and often go out on quests to find the best brekkie place, best picnic venue, best Italian place…the list goes on..believe you me!

I thought I’d mention 3 places that come to mind, all completely different but so perfect for a lazy Saturday morning or mid afternoon.

I must be quite honest, I don’t claim to be a food or restuarant critic, I just like to point out what I like about places. The decor never really concerns me. The only thing I care about is the food, atmosphere and obviously hygiene and cleanliness. I would sit in the most dingy looking place with no qualms about it,  just as long as the food is good, I’ll be back again!

My first place is Hemelhuis. It is right in the hub of Cape Town, just under the fan walk bridge. This trendy place is for art lovers and foodies.

These guys have thought of every detail, from the butter pots to the chairs.  We are welcomed with a bowl of assorted breads – aniseed bread, biscotti, sliced ciabatta and a cute little black pot of butter.

Firstly, just look at the stunning handmade cappucino cups!! love love love! Secondly, divine coffee, smooth silky foam, wonderful aroma!

Then comes our brunch.. We both had open sarmies…

J chose Roasted rosa tomatoes, boccincini, fresh basil and rocket drizzled with balsamic reduction. Simple and delicious! Presented on beautiful wooden plates.

I had salmon gravadlax, pear and watercress with citrus creme fraiche . So seasonal and delicious. Lovely textures and marriage of flavours.

Both portions were huge!  We could’ve shared…but didn’t, oink oink!

Prices are very reasonable for the quality and portions you get. They source fresh seasonal ingredients which is clearly evident, each plate is a understated work of art.

We will definately be back here again and I cannot wait to see what dishes they come up with in Winter, because this summer menu has blown me away!

Next place is Mango Ginger in Observatory. This place is unpretentious, it is what it is and quite rustic.  I love this place purely for the food and relaxed atmosphere( I also have a soft spot for rustic places). They are very health orientated – fresh juices and smoothies(all weird and wonderful combinations), great options for the allergy sufferers- wheat free pies, biscuits, cakes etc and most of the meals are also wheat free.

J had the spinach, mushroom and feta quiche with a wicked salad on the side. They don’t do anything fried here! He thoroughly enjoyed it. They also have divine homemade salad dressings which took the salad to another level.

I had a chicken and salad wrap. This thing was HUGE! served with vegetable crisps.

Personally, I didn’t like it just plonked on the plate like that, so I had to readjust it.

The free range chicken just melted in my mouth. It had so many textures from the various salad leaves, carrot, spring onion etc.

What I loved most about this wrap was the homemade “sauce” – it was ginger infused sherry reduction. I can still taste it in my mouth. Absolute heaven.

We washed these down with freshly squeezed carrot, orange and mint juice. YUM.

It’s nice to know, you can go out for lunch and eat something healthy for a change and it still tastes amazing.

P.s Prices are reasonable too.

Lastly, if you feel like getting out of the city for a day, then Le pique nique at Boschendal wine estate is the place for you. Preorder a picnic basket and sit under the trees. This is by far the most relaxing lunch I have had in a long time.

Everything is neatly packed in individual containers.  Baquettes, cheese, preserves, cold meats, 3 salads, pates, brownies, coffee. It is around R150 per person and you don’t leave hungry! If you run out of something, they bring you more! Afterwards, you have the beautiful lush grass to lie on and undo your button! What bliss…

Anyway, just thought I’d share some of my favourite places to lunch, whatever the mood.

P.s I wrote this in super speed mode, so excuse any typos I may have 🙂

That’s it from me, off to Stanford for the weekend!

Have a good one all

C x