If you like the occasional burger with a twist, then Hudson is a must. They have a variety of burger combinations which is great. You have a choice to order extra shoestring fries, huge beer battered onion rings or salad with your burger. Nice and simple. The milkshakes are good too :-).

 We hadthe bacon chilli poppers with blue cheese dipping sauce to start with. Very more-ish, yet rich(understandably)..

The restuarant itself is small and cosy with trendy american vibe. There is outside seating for the smokers. They play rock ‘n roll oldies to current which is great, a tad too loud to have a proper conversation(I found myself shouting to the person next to me). Am I just turning into an old fart or does that annoy other people too? Service was friendly and helpful.

I had the cranberry jelly, goats cheese and rocket burger with onion rings of course!! yum yum yum!!

Forgive me for this, but I was so mesmerized by my own burger that I forgot to photograph and ask what everyone else had? Most of the guys had a bacon, avo feta burger, I think, a few chicken options for the ladies, if I’m not mistaken…..nope complete blank!!

All washed down with a glass of Jack black. Because sometimes you just have to embrace your burger with a beer! Phewww…I’m full again just writing about it!

So if you’re in Kloof street over the weekend, give it a bash!

Have a good weekend all!

C x