Hello lovelies, finally have a minute to post something! I have not fallen off the face of the earth or got bored of blogging – just been up to my ears in work. Have been cooking some yummy dishes over the last two weeks and I’ll post them at a later stage, for now, I’ll share some photies of our Paris trip. Please note, it’s mostly food – I’m obsessed.

To be honest, I wasn’t too sure if I’d enjoy Paris all that much. On the contrary, it surpassed my expectations. Parisians are friendly and rather lovely. Yes, it’s touristy, but my goodness – what a beautiful city! Seeing the eiffel tower was our top priority due to sentimental reasons. It is really busy around there and the tower itself is way bigger than I imagined. It was only in the evening when we sat at a nearby park inhaling gelato, that we saw the real majestic beauty of this tower and the culture around it. The lights came on and sparkled brightly, it really is romantic. We watched as locals around us sat merrily on the grass hauling out their baguettes, vino and cigarettes. Great vibe.

Beautiful parks like this are all over the city – you just have to get lost to find them!

Lots of scooters. It’s very amusing seeing men all suited up for work riding a scooter or bicycle, they do this in London too. I think it’s awesome!

Parisians are spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh produce.  The cobbled streets and side cafes are just like I pictured it in my mind all these years!

Look at these strawberries!?

And all this glorious seafood!

Everywhere you look there are fromagers…

and boulangers – so I can understand why everyone walks around with baguettes in their hands, I found it quite funny at first and then we started doing it too… on the metro, in the parks, at a fountain..where ever!

Now for the food…We tried our best to find authentic places that suited our budget. We’d get lost often and find quaint little places to dine.

How can I not have a french onion soup in France? Hit the spot.

And garlic butter escargots? You can’t beat real butter. I love that they serve you ample bread with your meal.

Juicy steak and “frites” are a big thing there. The bearnaise sauce was so thick tarragony and delicious!

A dessert trio. Sticky yummy macaroon, choc orange mousse to die for and an inspiration apricot crumble – the apricot was so flavourful and tart with this buttery crumble – got weak at the knees!

I saw the word terrine and went with it. I think it had a mixture of pork and duck. It was sublime. Great texture.

As much as Parisians love their bread, they have an equal if not more affection for meat. So I had a huge plate of beef carpaccio with capers and parmesan and a hint of pesto(leans toward Italian, but the fact that it was on a french menu and locals love it, I had to try). Delish, was so proud of myself that I ate 90% of it! Hubby stole a few slices.

Juicy rack of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and gratinated tomato. Heaven.

After dinner, we’d stop at a local bar and have espressos. Not drinks, just espressos.

Foie gras and toast – so smooth, creamy and mouth watering but very rich.

“Proper” escargots with garlic and parsely butter. Very impressive. These ones were far meatier.

Braised lamb chops, red wine sauce and dauphinoise. A winner.

Boeuf bourguignon with veggies. Tender and comforting.

Of course, creme brulee! Perfection.

We were only in Paris for 3 nights. Wish we could’ve stayed longer because there’s so much to see. No frog’s legs in sight, maybe next time…

C xx