J and I had dinner at Pot Luck Club for our 4 year wedding anniversary recently. The last time we dined at Pot Luck was when they were still part of  Test Kitchen downstairs.  The new venue is just up the lift at the Old Biscuit Mill and I must say it is stunning. The same relaxed, cool, informal vibe but bigger with a breathtaking view!  This place buzzes. It seems like no matter how busy they are, the team works like one well oiled machine.

20140130_211857The menu is cleverly categorised by flavour: Salty, Sweet, Umami, Sour, Bitter & Sweet Endings . Rich & decadent “Luke Dale Roberts style” tapas portions, so on average you should order about 4 savoury dishes and if you have space, order a Sweet Ending (dessert).

Potluck club
You order by writing down what dishes you want to eat for the evening and the waiter brings the dishes out  in the order in which the chef recommends to get the full experience.

2014-01-31 07.13.02
Me in my happy place – eating.

2014-01-31 07.17.18
J – The husband

2014-01-31 07.13.40Edamame  beans with miso garlic salt – yum… gets the mouth watering….

20140130_204641Pot luck Club avocado ritz – juicy prawns – OMG!

20140130_204409Woodfired scallops with yuzu dressing and foie gras butter -full of flavours but not taking away from the scallops. Yum.

2014-01-31 07.14.39Foie gras with woodfired cherries and toasted almonds. No words – a must try. So good, it will make you cry.

2014-01-31 07.15.225 spice pork belly with roasted apples, grated halva and crackling – brilliant!

2014-01-31 07.21.05Beef short rib with steamed bun and pickles – tender, sweet and just amazing.

2014-01-31 07.18.10Smoked beef fillet with black pepper and truffle au lait sauce – this one has been on the menu for years, that’s how good it is. A must try.

2014-01-31 07.18.39“Mushrooms on toast” with grated lemon, parmesan and porcini dust. Sounds so simple, but such complex moreish flavours. Deeelish!

2014-01-31 07.19.12Nectarine & almond tart with malted popcorn ice cream – oh my hell, so good!

2014-01-31 07.20.30Chocolate fondant with stem ginger ice cream – perfect combo. Melty and gooey centre. amazing.

So all in all, a perfect evening. We left completely satiated and giddy! So if you want a more  informal Luke Dale Robert’s experience, check this place out. I cannot fault these guys. Brilliant!