AMC cookware

I am proud to announce that I’m officially an AMC Cookware Brand Ambassador!  When they asked me to have a look at their new gourmet range and also try out their Speedcooker® electric frying pan and portable induction “Flux cooker”, how could I refuse? This brand has been around for years,  it’s the brand that our moms and aunties swear by and now I see why.

I spent a few months playing around with their products and I have to say, this is honestly my go to cookware  now. I enjoy them because they are not too heavy(easy on the back, haha!), they have solid thick bases and they don’t have any hot spots when cooking. I’m sold on their Visiotherm® lid knobs which allow you to monitor the temperature and minimise moisture loss. Did you know that you can cook without any oil, fat or water? I found this very interesting when I attended one of their cookery demonstrations. Also I find that these pots heat up quickly over a lower heat setting and retains the heat which in turn reduces electricity usage up to 40%! The gourmet range has stainless steel handles which I love, and the lid knobs come in different colours which you can change when your kitchen colour scheme changes.  The cookware is now induction cooker friendly too! The prices are on the higher end but what you get is excellent customer service and a lifetime guarantee on this reliable cookware. It’s the type of cookware that you’ll purchase once and never again.

Overview of cookware used:

Speedcooker®: I’ve been using this a lot, I’ve never been a fan of using pressure cookers because they just freaked me out, but this one has so many safety features and it’s so easy to use that I’m now converted.

Electric frying pan: Love love love this thing, from using it for deep frying, slow cooking or braising. Highly recommend.

Gourmet range cookware with colour visiotherms®: Thick solid bases– love. The stainless steel handles make it possible for me to place in the oven for casseroling and they look pretty, especially with the colour knobs 🙂

Flux induction cooker: Nifty portable “stove top”. Heats up quickly and big electricity saver. Been using this a lot with all the slow cooked soups and stews I’m cooking lately. I love that I can take it with me on shoots etc., when I need an extra stove top.

Did you know that you can buy this cookware online now?  Have a browse
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Look out for a monthly recipe sponsored by AMC Cookware, I will also have a few giveaways over the next few months, so watch this space!

{Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion of the products. I spent months trying the cookware out and I give them a thumbs up! I do however get remuneration for being an AMC Brand Ambassador}