gourmet boerie
Gourmet Boerie has been around for a while now but this weekend was the first time I stepped foot into this restaurant.  I came with no expectations and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I love the simplicity of their SA inspired menu.

The venue is a great place to chill after work or simply spend a lazy Saturday afternoon there. They are open during the evenings too and I can only imagine that the vibe is fab.

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We tried the boerie sliders. A great mini selection of their top sellers. The rolls are delicately soft and melt in your mouth – I like how they don’t overpower the flavour of the wors and fillings.  I enjoyed the Hangover, The mexican and the gorgonzola the most. Delicious.

They also have whole wheat and rye rolls as well as a variety of boerewors to suit your needs. Lamb, pure beef, ostrich, chicken, veggie… So beeeg brownie points for these dudes.

And with your boerie order, you get crispy salty shoestring fries. YUM.  They also have have sweet potato fries and some drool worthy salads on the menu.

And do yourself a favour and order a portion of their tempura fried onions rings –  OMG! Best onions rings I’ve had in a long time.

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There’s a selection of cool SA desserts (milktart, koeksisters etc.) but honestly, we could not fit another morsel into our bellies! Also, they a have good selection of craft beers and ciders ( bottled or on tap), wine, drinks and coffees.

All in all, a lekker place to socialise with a beer in hand and a boerie in the other. Love it!

We will definitely be visiting again soon.

Well done Gourmet boerie.

I rate: 7/10