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I attended simple cooking legend, Phillippa Cheifitz’ “Lazy Days” book launch recently at Chez Gourmet. It was a delightful afternoon of drinking Groote Post Wines, cooking some recipes in Phillippa’s book and enjoying a sit down lunch admiring the fruits of our “labour”.  Nick Pentz from Groote post and Chef Jenny from Chez Gourmet talked us through the wine pairings for the menu. It was a relaxed easy going affair which the book epitomizes. And it was most enjoyable chatting with Phillippa, she is so passionate about food and in particular the West Coast where she has a little holiday home in Paternoster. This book showcases local suppliers of fresh produce in the area which I just love!

chez gourmet
Groote post wines
Phillipa CheiffzPhillippa showing Tessa Purdon and I how she folds her pancakes.

Tessa PurdonMy cooking partner,  the lovely Tessa Purdon (Food Editor of Food24)

Our pancakes about to go into the ovenOur pancakes about to go into the oven

fresh musselsFresh mussels about to be steamed in white wine. YUM!

lunchLunch is served!

lunchSmoked yellowtail with fennel salad, mussels in white wine, savoury pancakes, farm bread

secondsSeconds 🙂

Front cover pavlovaThe front cover pavlova with seasonal fruit

DessertLavender shortbread and sweet wine jelly

Stunning hey?
Best of all, Philippa signed my cookbook which I’m so chuffed about. As I said before, a legend.