First of all, I need to admit that I am geographically challenged! J and always book on the last minute when we decide to go away. So we had Paternoster in mind, we attempted getting accomodation there, but all the places we called were fully booked! The next plan, was Riebeek’s Kasteel, “it’s just around the corner from Paternoster!”, umm…no! When we arrived at Traveller’s rest Guesthouse in Riebeek’s Kasteel, we were told Paternoster was about 100 k’s away! oops! I thought it looked too green and luscious and no coast in sight! Oh well, no harm done, we enjoyed our weekend in the quaint little town of Riekbeek’s Kasteel.

As we were taken through the lush garden and shown to our room, and all the stress of the week just wilted away as we absorbed all the beauty around us…

After we settled in, we went to the Traveller’s Rest Restuarant – just a few steps away.

Very warm and cosy, has a English pub/morrocan feel, if that makes any sense at all.

Our waitress, Alta, was lovely and helpful and we chose her recommendations…

A tomato and celery soup

Although they stated celery, it was not evident, which is good in my case. It was well balanced, perfectly seasoned thick creamy tomato soup with a few shreds of basil. Yum Yum YUM!

My main: I know it looks boring, but they said their steaks are the best, so I tried the rump steak with veggies on the side ( I’m trying to cut down on the fried carby foods for a while).

I had mine medium, cooked to perfection. Lovely pepper sauce and crispy steamed veg.

J had the fillet with sob sob…fried chips

Sorry, not good photie. The fillet melted in your mouth, served with beautiful mushroom sauce on the side and the most divine…aah hum..looking chips ever, thinly sliced and fried until crispy!

For dessert J had the creme Brulee

A picture speaks a thousand words…a winner…soft creamy and velvety custard covered with beautiful hard brittle( I had to sneak a spoonful :-))

And I had a cuppucino, and it was a lovely one I might add.

So all in all, we had a delicious meal and enjoyed it with a bottle of Riebeek Cellar’s Brut.

If you come here, don’t come with expectations, just enjoy what they have to offer and you will be pleasantly surprised.

And that was our first night, full tummies and relaxed…with another 2 days of eating and drinking ahead of us!

My next post entails our day out wine and olive tasting at Kloovenberg and our dinner at Bar Bar Black Sheep.

We did manage to get to Paternoster on Sunday – which was fantastic, but that will be my following post.

Have a good week all

C x